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Tips for Eating Out Without Sacrificing Healthy Choices

a plate of food and red wine on a table

Eating out is part of nearly every culture around the world. Sometimes it takes on different forms than the Western world is used to, such as festival meals in remote indigenous villages, but the social aspects of dining out remain largely the same. There are definitely emotional and social benefits that come with gathering around a table with your loved ones. Making healthy choices when you are at a restaurant, though, can be easier said than done. As you read on, you’ll find some helpful suggestions you can easily apply.  

Check out the menu online ahead of time.  

Nowadays, very few restaurants don’t have their menus posted online. Before you head out the door, check out their offerings. It’s easier to place a relatively healthy order when you’ve given it some thought beforehand. Otherwise, you might find yourself feeling pressured to decide quickly so the rest of your party can order and, as a result, get a dish that doesn’t fit your healthy lifestyle.  

Find out what cooking methods are used.  

Sometimes, menus fail to specify how certain dishes are prepared. It’s a good idea to inquire about this before you place your order. In almost all cases, foods that are grilled, roasted, or steamed are healthier overall than those that are fried or sautéed. If your waiter is unable to tell you how something is made and you are trying hard to stick to a specific diet, it might be best to choose another option that is more clearly described.  

Take your time while you eat.  

Meals in restaurants tend to take longer than those eaten at home, but people all too often scarf down their food quickly and talk afterward over drinks or dessert. If, however, you slow down and savor your meal, you are much more likely to eat less. It takes the body about 20 minutes to process that it is full, so if your whole plate of food is gone in under that amount of time, you may very well overeat.  

When the team at The Granary Tavern tweaks our menu, we take all sorts of dietary needs and wants into consideration. Every time you visit us, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find something delicious that suits your personal nutritional parameters. Our wait staff is always happy to answer questions regarding specific dishes. We look forward to seeing you at The Granary Tavern soon. Make a reservation with us anytime on OpenTable!